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Management Team

new1  Manager & Principal- Mr.S.K. Yadav  (B.Sc,MCA)

BeautyPlus_20160112155155_saveDirectorMr. Mahendra  Sir (Physics) (B.Sc)

2014-04-06-17.05.46-300x225  Director- Mh. Shahid Sir (Chemistry) (M.Sc,B.Ped)


Head of Deptt. Of  Mathematics

Mr. Afzal Ansari (M. Sc., B. Ed.)

_20170127_131806  Faculty(Mathematics)-Mr.Shaurabh Maurya (B.sc)

_20170125_163609  Faculty( Chemistry)-Mr. Adarsh Sir (B.Sc)

Pawan Sir Bio 20170125_162459  Faculty(Bio)-Mr. Pawan Singh (M.Sc)

IMG_20170126_093339  Faculty(English)-Mr. Sanjay Sir (M.A.)

_20170127_131831  Faculty(English)-Mr. Nisar Sir (M.A., B.ed)

_20170125_163830  Faculty(Physics)-Mr. Kuldeep Sir (B.Sc)

_20170127_145433  Faculty(Hindi)-Mr. L.N.M. Sir (M.A.)

download  Faculty(Bio)- Namrta (M.Sc.)

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